Room Renovation

Room Renovation

In this challenge, I decided to get rid of all the furniture in my room and build the necessary pieces based on how I naturally use the space. Out goes the giant L-shaped desk, over 100 vinyls, 7 cameras, 4 mannequins, and oversized clothes. As I was getting rid of all this stuff, my mental space began to declutter.

Room Cleanup

This stage took approx 4-5 weeks.

After getting rid of all the major stuff. There was still some things lying around that could be organized. I had to dig deeper and ask myself if these miscellaneous made me happy anymore. I was able to compartmentalize the important/sentimental pieces in one crate and stash it in my closet.

Post Cleanup

Repaint Job

Here I just changed the color from the nasty beige color to white. I wanted to feel clean and zen. The theme of the room developed as I was cleaning it out and reflected on how the process made me feel.

Repaint Job

The Builds

These are the pieces I've made with the intention of creating a movable and modular space. The design is centered around my bed but I didn't want to be confined to its stationary placement.

Movable Bed

Bed Final Shot

Bed Underneath Shot

Bed Above Shot

Where the bed is placed dictates how my room is being utilized.

  1. If it's dead center in the middle of the room all I'm doing is sleeping, writing, and informing visitors that the space is only for me.
  2. If it's moved to the wall opposite from the door the room is now open for physical hangouts and the bed is now a couch. I can beam a projector on the wall on the side of the door to play movies and games and maybe have some tea parties ;]

Pegboard Wall

Clamped Boards

I love this piece because it allows me to be flexible on what I can place on the board. It grows with my interests over time.

Magazine X-Rack

Open Rack

I just can't get rid of the art books I've gotten over the years. This piece holds the right amount of items that the collection should tell you who I am without physically being there.

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